To seek the ideal form of venture capital and to create innovative value with entrepreneurs


  1. Entrepreneur First

    We understand the amount of responsibility an entrepreneur carries. That's why we make sure to accompany entrepreneurs going through hard times, giving them the courage to move forward.

  2. Novelty and Honesty

    People rarely understand what drives entrepreneurs to innovate and create new value. There is no shortcut. To create value, one must work faithfully and honestly.

  3. Be an insider, not an outsider

    We value the process of finding and implementing the best ideas with entrepreneurs. Rather than an investor offering criticism from the sidelines, we want to be a partner with the entrepreneur, as if we were members of their company.

Investment Area

Investment AreaInvestment Area
  1. 01 Cost Reconstruction

    Supply Chain Reformation,
    Usage of RPA in Operations, D2C, etc.

  2. 02 Technologization

    Create new value
    by applying technology
    to current industries

  3. 03 Frontier Technology

    AI, Blockchain,
    AR/VR, R&D, etc.

  4. 04 Government Cooperation

    Social Change by Legal Amendment,
    Subsidy-Related Business,
    Regional Revitalization, etc.