1. UUUO, inc.

    Creating and operating an in-app fish market called “UUUO”.
    Sending fresh seafood from their own shipping base, “UUUO Market,” to fish markets around Japan.

  2. MODERATO, inc.

    Operates a personal styling service called SOÉJU personal, sending pictures of personalized outfits either monthly or every three months which are based on online/offline consulting.

  3. HUMAN ALBA, inc.

    With the concept of “A Fresh Start of Life,” operates a facility and program for rehabilitation from all types of substance dependencies. The program aims for the social rehabilitation of patients, including finding employment, within 1~2 years. The facility provides an excellent environment regardless of the patient’s age and addiction, with staff who have themselves suffered from addiction in the past.

  4. Nodoca, inc.

    Valuing the story behind production, Nodoca, Inc. develops an online marketing platform for high-end D2C cosmetics brands where consumers become ambassadors. Moreover, with the concept of “Doing what you like, with people you like, in the place you like,” they are expanding their service broadly.

  5. BEAMING, inc.

    With the concept of “Making music the most interesting culture in Japan,” Beaming operates an online service called “MUSER,” which connects artists and audiences with the usage of “Potential Cards” and “YELL.” Beaming also organizes an event called “SHOWCASE LIVE,” during which the audience can interact with the artist who is performing.

  6. Greenspoon, inc.

    Greenspoon provides frozen meals for busy working women who want to eat quick, healthy meals. Each meal is personalized with the right ingredients depending on the customer’s diet and preference. They want their meals to be a small reward for customers and are showing that frozen food doesn’t need to be unhealthy.

  7. Aldagram, inc.